Leadership Consulting

Extraordinary change of perspective!!
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Casper

I am so glad that our company is using this program for front-line supervisors. This is a tremendous learning opportunity.
Black Hills Corp

Things went great! I wish Kellogg had sent more employees!
Kellogg Companies

The workshop was very well organized and proceeded to offer information and suggestions for improvement on our own techniques and skills. A lot of suggestions from the group and the instruction brought the group together by encouraging everyone to share feelings and information.
Sandi M. Jones

A great Company to train with; very influential speakers and very informative. They get to the point and keep everyone interested. The inter-activities used in the class got everyone to participate in a relaxed atmosphere.
Becky Swisher

Overall, this class was excellent for new supervisors or a good refresher for seasoned supervisors. I know now where I can improve to make my job easier and much more enjoyable.
Rich O'Connor
Electrical Supervisor

No Suggestions for improvement. I felt the training was excellent. I love the fact that it wasn’t the usual role playing and that Mr. Oedekoven used a movie to show the different leadership styles. Very enjoyable!
Kellogg Companies

This workshop gives you the building blocks to be a successful leader no matter what level you are currently in.
Nathan Hardy
Maintenance Supervisor

Peregrine Leadership is a proud member of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce. In 2005 Peregrine Leadership won New Business of the Year. The Chamber has also been a sponsor of our Chick-fil-A Leadercast since 2009.
Campbell County Chamber of Commerce

This was a very good training session for all participants. There were board members, staff, policy council members, and community representatives present. We can move forward with planning for our program.
Elaine Laird

Lots of verbal interchange, idea exchange. Well organized and good agenda. A team building opportunity.
Brian Saul

Olin and Cliff stimulated active learning and dialogue that this group will undoubtedly remember and put into action immediately.
Anita Semple

Great opportunity to explore personal development areas as well as workplace development.
Melody Smith

BKS gained fabulously, thank-you for the opportunity.
Brenda Schladweiler

The Institute arrived at the correct time in our Board and Staff development. It brought us all together on the issues we needed to work out to move forward. We appreciated the candid input which will help us chart the future of the Boys and Girls Club.
Steve Rozier

Cliff and Olin offer decades of leadership experience and creative methods of instruction in the areas of leadership communication, team-building, values, and ethics and integrity. It was a comfortable environment and a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person and a leader.
Eric R. Scalzo
Director, Boys and Girls Club of Campbell County

Leadership skills for board members build the outcomes for the organization. Peregrine Leadership's planning session established this process.
Earlene Hastings
Executive Director, Children's Developmental Services of Campbell County

This workshop was concise and individualized to our needs. We accomplished a lot in minimal time.
Alice Bratton
Board Member, Children's Developmental Services of Campbell County

I can already tell a different way of thinking when approached with problems.

The Peregrine Institute helped us create a long-term vision for our Company and gave us the framework for an operating business plan.
Daryl Meyer
General Manager, Farmers Cooperative Association

It helped to show me where my values should be. Made me look more at myself as to what I need to do to become a better leader.
Walt Siebert

Well worth the time and money.
Larry Suchor

I received a lot of good information that was presented very well organized that I know will make me a better employee/leader and a better person as well. I am excited about putting a lot of the information I was given today into practice.
Billy Vincent

We in the Campbell County area are so lucky to have such a resource as the Peregrine Leadership Institute. Every employer should consider this resource as part of the training and expectations of future leaders.
Trish Harwood
Grand Secretary, OES Wyoming

Very professional. It is nice to see so much enthusiasm. It becomes infectious to the audience.
Stuart Boylan

My time is valuable as a sole employee of a small business. The time required of me to attend was worth the sacrifice. These seminars are a great way to generate new ideas and maintain the enthusiasm and energy necessary to keep a small business going.
Brian Rouse

Very qualified instructors with excellent material. Excellent presentation and participation from our group.
Bill Price
General Manager Western Operations, Rail Link

I highly recommend this leadership workshop for any company that desires to be the best.
Tom DiCicco
., S & S Builders

We are a unique shareholder's group and could not have reached these results without your help.
Ron Stoughton
., S & S Builders

Peregrine Leadership provides a valuable service to our area. Think of them first for your training and consulting needs.
Lynn Skaggs
., Senior Center of Campbell County

The strategic planning session presented by Peregrine Leadership Institute was a great benefit to helping our board develop a vision and plan for the future. Excellent presentation.
Joyce Schmidt
Board Member, Sheridan Community Education Foundation

The program was very informative and thought provoking.
Lonnie Anderson
Board Member, United Way of Campbell County

Very helpful in helping us determine goals and objectives for future use great atmosphere with good discussions.
Kay Praska
Board Member, United Way of Campbell County

Peregrines development workshop gives you a new perspective on how things should be done. All information will really help.
Dan Barnes

It was a well organized leadership program that benefited my work performance.
Dawn Schon
., Washington Group International

The Peregrine Leadership Institute utilizes the combined experience of industry, government, and the military to convey new methods of leadership that can be transferred to every project.
Bill Craig
General Manager, Washington Group International

I was able to learn about leadership concepts having an immediate impact as a customer guest of Foundation Coal West and look forward to applying the concepts upon my return to work at Westar Energy.
Terry L. Maddox

This is the best leadership training I have experienced in a 34 year mining career, most of which has been in a supervisory capacity.
John O'Laughlin
Vice President, Coal Operations, Westmoreland Coal Company

It's a great investment in my ability to do my job regardless of the particulars.
David Anderson