Price & Terms of Payment
Prices payable for products or services are those in effect at the time of order received (unless superseded by prior written agreement). Prices will be indicated on the site and in an order confirmation email; however, the authoritative price in the event of any discrepancy, is the price that is notified to you with the receipt for purchase.

Prices (unless stated otherwise) are in the currency quoted on the site.

We have the right at any time prior to acceptance to withdraw any discount and/or to revise prices to take into account increases in costs including (without limitation) costs of any materials, labor or the increase or imposition of any tax.

Payment shall be made prior to delivery and by such methods as are indicated on the site (and not by any other means unless we have given our prior agreement).

Return/Refund Policy
All sales are final. No refunds and/or returns are permitted.

Delivery Method & Timing
Online services will be emailed in digital format upon a successful order completion. Please allow five to ten minutes for this email to arrive in your inbox. Please also ensure that this email was not inadvertently delivered to your spam or junk mail folder. The email containing the link to the service and/or service information will be delivered from receipt@peregrineleadership.com.

Accessing Results
Scores received within online services are provided to participants based upon agreements in place with the client organization. Specific questions and responses that are missed or correct are not provided to third parties in order to preserve the integrity of the online services.