We firmly believe that all our workshops and training sessions must be relevant, meaningfull and applicable to you and your organization. All training sessions and employee development workshops are customized based on your specific needs and organizational goals.

If you don't find the perfect match for your organization below, email us at Info@peregrineglobal.com and we'd be happy to develop a customized solution.

Leadership Development

We offer three key areas for leadership development: Executive Leadership Programs, Leadership Capstone Series and workshops for supervisors and managers. Each of these areas are facilitated by experienced professionals who focus on applied solutions and workplace application.

Executive Leadership Program

Our executive-level leadership development program is designed to help you position your organization for growth through more effective leadership in a complex and ever-changing marketplace.

Leadership Capstone Program

Our Leadership Capstone program includes multiple workshops conducted over a series of months to allow participants to apply what they learn in the seminars and share their lessons.

Supervisor and Manager Development

Focus, application and accountability are to make Leadership Development happen. Our workshops are customized to address specific concerns, vision and schedules.

Team & Employee Development

Team Development

Consider the key indices of a successful team-based workplace: retention, morale, productivity, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Employees must be able to work together in order to accomplish their difficult and challenging tasks of today’s dynamic workplace.

Individual Contributor Development

Peregrine Leadership Institute is your partner of choice for human resource and training managers because of our affordable and applied solutions. We begin each opportunity with a thorough needs assessment to ensure that we deliver exactly what you require, and work to exceed your expectations. After our sessions, we follow-up with you to provide relevant and actionable feedback from our training workshops, leadership development programs, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Online Leadership Services

Specific services available for individual leadership development include our online 360° leadership assessment service, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), online leadership courses, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. These services are also provided in conjunction with our Leadership Institute and the Chief Executive Institute. Our leadership professionals can assist with a variety of operational and strategic human resource management areas. Such assistance includes handbook development, organizational culture assessments, performance evaluation reviews, strategic planning, succession planning, total quality initiatives, and Baldrige submissions.

EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment

High potential leaders have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom-line, which is why leadership development is so critical for businesses large and small.  But how do you decide what your employees need in order to be more effective leaders?  

EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment is a customizable 360-degree feedback process that enables you to measure your employee’s leadership and soft skill proficiency, and use that information for both individual and organizational improvement.

Online Leadership Courses

Peregrine's Online Leadership Courses for business leadership includes courses focused on business writing fundamentals, leadership communications, leadership essentials, leading teams, dealing with workplace conflict, leading change, and leading other leaders. Each course is organized into eight sections with instructional content and a post-course assessment.