Supervisor and Manager Development

Focus, application and accountability are to make Leadership Development happen. Our workshops are customized to address specific concerns, vision and schedules.



We tend to look at great leaders and think that leadership is a natural ability. What we do not often see are the years of study and practice that it takes to become successful at motivating and inspiring others to reach their potential.

Leadership development is not a moment in time event. Rather, it takes focus, application, and accountability to make it happen. Our workshops are customized to address your specific concerns, issues, vision, and schedule. We can work with you to create an experience that will become an
unstoppable force for years to come.

We have more than 160 hours of course material for leadership development with supervisors, managers, and other exempt personnel. We can readily create and deliver customized workshops and seminars that will make a difference with your leadership teams. 

A few of our more commonly requested workshops for supervisors and managers include:

  • New Supervisor Orientation: Making the Transition
  • Understanding and Leading Teams
  • Performance Management Essentials
  • Translating Vision into Action
  • Planning, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving for Leaders
  • Compliance in the Workplace
  • Leading for Safety
  • Leading for Quality Customer Service
  • From Supervisor to Manager: Leading the Leaders

Workshops can be conducted either on-site at your location or off-site to create a retreat-type atmosphere. Based on our experience with adult learning, we recommend no more than 20 participants in a group. Multiple sessions can be arranged if they are needed to accommodate your workforce.


Each of Peregrine's facilitators for the supervisor and manager workshops has practical experience and expertise in supervision and management. Each of us has been a supervisor and manager and know very well the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities associated with leading teams.

A few specific ROI examples based on post-course audits with client that used our leadership development services for their supervisors and managers include:

  • Manager took more time to try helping a problem employee through clear expectations and accountability.  It worked, and now that employee is a safer employee.
  • Supervisor incorperated the 8 Universal Laws of Leadership while implementing the behavior-based safety program.
  • Supervisor has recognized the importance of workplace standards and is working to enforce those standards fairly and consistently.
  • Manager learned not to pre-judge a new worker with a history of problems.
  • Supervisor is working harder to keep his manager and team informed with more regular communications and better e-mail use.
  • Manager started “special” toolbox meetings for new and unusual projects.
  • Supervisor is practicing “listening for ideas” from the employees.
  • Supervisor practices “declaring your expectations” with his team.
  • Workshop gave the manager confidence that she was on the right track.
  • Safety—continuing to reinforce safety programs in place and instituting rewards for safe operations.

The Peregrine Leadership Institute uses local, regional, and national/international rates based on where the work is performed relative to the client’s proximity to the Peregrine Leadership Institute’s headquarters in Gillette, Wyoming. Contact us to discuss specific service options for your organization. 


Workshop Duration Local Regional National


$1700 $2050 $2400


$2200 $2500 $2900


$4400 $5000 $5800

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