Executive Leadership Program

Our executive-level leadership development program is designed to help you position your organization for growth through more effective leadership in a complex and ever-changing marketplace.

$ 12,500.00


Our executive-level leadership development program is designed to help you position your organization for growth through more effective leadership in a complex and ever-changing marketplace. It is no longer business as usual. The market has undergone a fundamental shift and our conventional approaches are inadequate. A new dynamic of leadership is needed to meet the revolutionary challenges of today and certainly for the future.

Click HERE and watch Dr. Olin Oedekoven, President and CEO talk about the importance for senior leaders to work ON the business and rather than work IN the business. 

Peregrine’s Chief Executive Institute develops senior-level decision makers who are able to lead their organizations capably and effectively towards achieving strategic goals and obtaining organizational vision. The seminar series is designed for CEOs and senior executives who want to promote quality, conduct continuous improvement, and obtain excellence towards achieving the mission, vision, and values of their organizations.


Led by experienced senior leaders and current/former CEOs, the seminar series is focused on the direct application of course concepts and principles for organizational continuous quality improvement. Session mentors include both US-based and international professionals from a variety of industry types. Guest speakers for the seminars include a diversity of industry leaders and representatives of state and national Baldrige recipients who will address a variety of aspects related to organizational leadership, performance, and Baldrige application.


Take your organization and your career to a new level with this dynamic and engaging seminar series. Some key benefits include:

  • A Baldrige organizational snapshot using Baldrige Express.
  • Learning how to apply the Baldrige Excellence Framework for organizational decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Organizational and one-on-one mentoring from a Baldrige coach between seminars.
  • Recognizing the challenge of change and the consequences of change while operating as a strategic leader within a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.
  • Grounding in leading tools of change management.
  • Learning from best practice Baldrige organizations on how to cultivate values-based strategic leaders who exemplify the highest standards of ethics and morale character.
  • Ability to broaden your perspective beyond your own organization and industry for cross-sector and cross-profession learning, and then leverage this knowledge for organizational improvement.

Through the CEI:ELP, you will gain expertise in the Baldrige Framework categories of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Measurement/Analysis/Knowledge Management, Customers, Workforce, Operations, and Results.

Additional information regarding the CEI:ELP is also available from one of our partners, the Mountain West Credit Union Association, at: http://mwcua.com/education/chief-executive-institute/. The MWCUA will be the host for the Denver seminars. A summary of the 2016 seminar series can be found at: http://foundation.mwcua.com/the-chief-executive-institute-2016/.

Session mentors include experienced senior leaders, former/current CEOs, and other distinguished professionals from both the US and located outside of the US. A diversity of mentors used throughout the program allows participants to learn from a variety of people with a diversity of perspectives to share and learn from the participants.

Throughout the seminar series, we encourage participants of the Chief Executive Institute: A Baldrige-based Executive Leadership Program to identify specific action items to take back to their respective organizations for continuous quality improvement. A few of the specific application results identified by the 2016 program participants included:

  • Identified a person on the organization’s senior leadership team who needs to be prepared for succession planning and got that person into an appropriate leadership development program.
  • Offered a different approach to strategic planning for the participant’s board of directors that focused on realistic results, measurement, innovation, and continuous quality improvement.
  • Initiated a process to record the standard operating processes and how that information will be framed within the context of organizational knowledge management.
  • Directed his team to unbundle services from a data analysis perspective to define goals and targets.
  • Implemented a comprehensive process management approach to improve the organization’s prospect to client ratio from 20% to 80%.

The Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA), our partner with the Chief Executive Institute, produced two testimonials from the 2016 class. It learn what two Credit Union CEOs had to say about the program, visit: http://mwcua.com/education/chief-executive-institute/testimonials/

Total price per participant: $12,500. Pricing is inclusive of the use of the Baldrige Express Analysis Tools, one-on-one mentoring, assistance with Baldrige evaluation, the seminars, workshop materials, meals during the workshop, and facility expenses. Pricing does not include participant lodging and transportation.

Non-profit organizations and institutions of higher education may be eligible for discounted pricing. Please contact us to see if you and your organization qualify.

Executive Leadership Program Brochure

The brochure for Peregrine's Chief Executive Institute: A Baldrige-based Executive Leadership Program includes details concerning the upcoming sessions, logistics, and pricing.


Program Guide and Syllabus

The Program Guide and Syllabus for Peregrine's Chief Executive Institute: A Baldrige-based Executive Leadership Program includes detailed information concern program outcomes, session descriptions, and participant activities.


Detailed Executive Leadership Program Description

Interested in learning more about our Baldrige-based Executive Leadership Program? This presentation reviews each of the 5 seminars in greater detail with a focus on how the instruction is focused on application in the workplace.


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