Individual Contributor Development


Peregrine Leadership Institute is your partner of choice for human resource and training managers because of our affordable and applied solutions. We begin each opportunity with a thorough needs assessment to ensure that we deliver exactly what you require, and work to exceed your expectations. After our sessions, we follow-up with you to provide relevant and actionable feedback from our training workshops, leadership development programs, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

We employ universal principles of leadership to clarify what effective leadership looks like. Through this approach, our programs ensure that all team members are on the same page with the understanding of how to apply those leadership principles to their work situations.

Peregrine’s unique approach to leadership training includes multi-media presentations with application exercises designed for maximum participant retention. We foster a workshop atmosphere based on the concept of experiential learning, an approach most suitable for adult professionals.

Key topic areas for enhancing individual contributor performance include:

  • Organizational Communications
  • Responding to Change
  • Customer Service
  • Your Role on the Team
  • The Basics of Business Finance
  • Communications
  • Dealing with Conflict Constructively

Through one-on-one coaching/mentoring and/or team-based seminars, Peregrine Leadership Insitute can help address any number of issues and challenges associated with the performance of individual contributors. 

Our Expertise

Peregrine's team includes trainers and personal coaches with education and backgrounds in human resource management, supervision, and organizational management. Based on our collective and individual experience, we have published several articles and books related to self-leadership and individual performance. We have conducted related work throughout the world in a variety of organizations including government agencies, nonprofit groups, and businesses. We have the knowledge and expertise to remove workplace performance barriers. 


From as little as a few hours up through more extensive one or two day workshops, our clients have realized their ROI from the developmental investment with their individual contributors with:

  • A reduction in team conflict. 
  • Improved communications. 
  • Better internal and external customer service. 
  • Higher retention rates and less turnover. 
  • Improved efficiency. 
  • A safer workplace environment. 
  • Higher regulatory compliance. 

Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to assist and help make your workplace environment more productive, safe, and effective.



Our online 360° Leadership assessment service is $125 per assessed individual. An MBTI evaluation can be conducted for $50 per participant. One-on-one coaching/mentoring is priced at $145 per hour. Online, self-paced leadership and individual development courses are priced per course and by package of courses. 

For group seminars, workshops, and training sessions, the Peregrine Leadership Institute uses local, regional, and national/international rates based on where the work is performed relative to the client’s proximity to the Peregrine Leadership Institute’s headquarters in Gillette, Wyoming. Contact us to discuss specific service options for your organization. 


Workshop Duration Local Regional National


$1700 $2050 $2400


$2200 $2500 $2900


$4400 $5000 $5800