Applied Leadership Publications from Peregrine Pathways


Leading Organizations

Oedekoven, O. O., K. B. Venkateshiah, D.J. Gilbert, & D.K. Robbins. (2019). Leading Organizations in the 21st Century: Innovating for Performance Excellence. Gillette, Wyoming: Peregrine Leadership Institute.

Leading Organizations is aimed at providing senior leaders with the understanding needed to successfully lead their organizations towards performance excellence.

Written by senior leaders for senior leaders, Leading Organizations is focused on practical and useful approaches with regard to planning, organizing, running, and assessing the organization.

Suitable for all types of organizations including small businesses, nonprofit entities, and larger corporations, Leading Organizations includes specific examples, personal experiences, and case studies.

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Hiring Book

Oedekoven, O. O., D. K. Robbins, B. Bishop, M. Thomas, & R. Mansheim. (2018). Hiring: A Practical Guide for Selecting the Right People. Gillette, Wyoming: Peregrine Leadership Institute. 

The hiring you do today will determine the kind of culture, service standards, and reputation you have tomorrow. It will determine your future success, and that of your customers and business partners.

In Hiring, we take you through the needed steps to identify, recruit, and select the RIGHT people for your organization. 

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Leadership Foundations

Oedekoven, O. O., D. K. Robbins, J. Lavrenz, H. A. Dillon, Jr., & R. Warne. (2018, 2015). Leadership Foundations: A Conversation Regarding the Character, Skills, and Actions for Leaders. Gillette, Wyoming: Peregrine Leadership Institute.

Written by leaders for leaders, Leadership Foundations is an extensive dialogue on leadership designed to promote values-based leaders at all organizational levels, from first-line supervisor through senior executive.

As the name implies, the book establishes the foundation for successful leadership, people who know their skills, exemplify their values, and do leadership that inspires others to achieve their potential. 

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Leadership Essentials

Oedekoven, O.O., Lavrenz, J., & Robbins, D.K. (2018, 2014). Leadership Essentials: Practical and Proven Approaches in Leadership and Supervision. Gillette, Wyoming: Peregrine Leadership Institute.

Successful leaders understand that leadership is all about walking the talk. Leaders must fight through the chaos of the moment to see and understand the perspective of the situation.

Leadership Essentials provides relevant, practical, and substantive tips and techniques to walk the talk of leadership by knowing the values of the leader, the skills of the leader, and the actions of leadership.

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