360° Leadership Assessment

Ineffective leaders hover like hummingbirds, wasting energy by flapping their wings constantly. They micromanage and try to solve other people’s problems. Effective leaders are like peregrine falcons, soaring aloft with a broader view for great periods of time, while knowing just the right time to dive in and assist. Which type of leaders do you employ?

Peregrine's 360° Leadership Assessment Service includes an online survey administered to your employees to help determine the assessed participant's current leadership competencies. The assessed participant will see the cumulative results from evaluations by their peers, subordinates, and superiors and use these results to chart an individual leadership development program. The results of this survey can also subsequently be used to guide and shape the strategic framework of an organizational employee development program.

We recommend a minimum of 10 completed surveys for each assessed participant. Individual responses are summarized and aggregated to protect the confidentiality of the survey respondents. 

The detailed participant report allows the assessed participant to understand his or her leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement based on the feedback received from peers, superiors, and subordinates. A trained facilitator meets with each assessed participant and reviews the results. 

Results from all surveys are compiled and used by the organization to understand trends and potential issues that should be addressed through an organizational response. 

Our Expertise

Each of the principals at Peregrine Leadership has experience in designing, selecting, administering, and implementing 360° surveys and conducting a leadership assessment program. We have also been both participants in similar assessments and the assessed individual for a leadership 360°. We also have experience in one-on-one coaching/mentoring and helping leaders develop a specific leadership development plan. 




Based on the assessed participant report, leaders who used Peregrine's customizable 3600 Leadership Assessment service were able to:

  • Build a specific leadership development plan. 
  • Understand their specific leadership strengths and how to sustain and build upon those strengths. 
  • Gain clarity on specific leadership challenges and how to improve. 
  • See themselves from the perspectives of their co-workers. 

Based on an organizational summary of the results, human resource managers were able to:

  • Develop specific strategies for leadership development based on identified issues and needs. 
  • More effectively allocate training resources. 
  • Identify and solve systemic issues in the workplace. 

Peregrine's 3600 Leadership Assessment service allows both the individual participant and the organizational leaders to understand leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement from the perspectives of those who matter most. 


The online 360° Leadership Assessment service is priced at $125 per assessed participant, which includes a one-on-one session with the participant to review the survey results.