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GE Bids Goodbye to the Electric Bulb

Published: November 14

Thomas Edison “invented” the electric bulb. The company that he founded later became GE. After 125 years, GE is dropping the electric bulb from its portfolio. We don’t learn from history – not even from recent history. The previous CEO famously brought in an acknowledged expert in strategy and innovation. It may be safe to assume that endless meetings would have been held

The Creativity Paradox

Published: November 02

This column is inspired by the work of best-selling author and motivation expert Daniel Pink. Professor Teresa Amabile of Harvard Business School has studied individual productivity, creativity, and organizational innovation for over three decades. In a landmark study published in 1993, Professor Amabile provides the fascinating account of an experiment. “She asks a sample of


Published: November 01

This column is inspired by the work of Professor Dan Ariely, the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, and one of the world’s leading experts on honesty and trust. Trust is the foundation of life. Trust is what makes relations work, trust is what makes businesses successful, and trust is what separates happy societies from others.

Predictable Irrationality

Published: October 16

Professor Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago has been honored with the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. For 200 years, economists have argued (and continue to argue) that humans are rational. Economists would probably be the first to accept that the assumption is far from being perfect. The holy grail of rationality is so deeply embedded in economic

Toy Story

Published: September 29

Charles Lazarus founded Toys R Us in 1948. During the 1980s and 1990s, Toys R Us was the undisputed top toy retailer in the U.S. Last week, the company filed for bankruptcy protection. How did this happen? One of the key factors in failure is inertia. Toys R Us, just like many leading companies in other industries, simply failed to see the relentless assault of