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The CX Challenge

Published: April 27

80% of CEOs surveyed recently claimed that their organizations delivered an exceptional customer experience. 8% of customers of the said organizations agreed. This chasm between what service providers think and what their customers think has a new name – the experience gap. Mature customer experience programs have five principal objectives: 1.    Improve customer

Jobs to be Done

Published: April 14

For five decades, marketing has focused on the principles of segmentation, marketing, and positioning (STP). Segmentation of consumer products is generally along demographic, psychographic, and behavioral dimensions. B2B segmentation includes firmographics. Of the more than 20,000 new products evaluated in Nielsen’s 2012 – 2016 Breakthrough Innovation Report, only 92 (0.46%) had

Simplifying Complexity

Published: April 05

As a graduate student, I worked as an intern at a large corporation. Into my second week, I had collected data on a project and wanted to place the papers in groups based on processes. When I requested my mentor for a few paper clips, I had my first experience with complexity. While handing over the paper clips, my mentor told me that to get a box of paper clips, the organization

Are Humans Irrelevant?

Published: March 27

Soon after the financial meltdown of 2008, and the collapse of hundreds of companies, I suggested that a recession might be the best time to invest in people – impart new skills, new ways of approaching problems, and new algorithms for value creation. A recent article by Gary Burnison of global HR firm Korn Ferry forces me to revisit the topic. A significant number of CEOs seem to

What is Your Builder Personality Type?

Published: March 08

So much has been written about leadership and entrepreneurship that one wonders whether anything new is possible. Apparently, yes. In their forthcoming book, Chris Kuenne and John Danner identify four distinct entrepreneur personality types. More importantly, they try to establish relationships between personality types and business success (or failure). The authors have